Take Out the Trash

6a017ee666297a970d019b02ddc671970dIf you’re from my area, you probably noticed the insane wind this morning. As I was listening to the Bobby Bones show (101.7FM), the weather report suggested I drive with both hands on the wheel today because the winds were so strong. I didn’t quite notice that, but I did notice that it was trash and recycling day in Quincy.

On my way to work, I stopped three times to pick up someone’s trash that had blown into the street. Barrels were toppled over, paper products were strewn across the roads, and cars were just driving around them without a care in the world.

Now that pisses me off. I know its cold outside and everyone’s in a rush to get to work, but come on. If there’s a full-sized barrel rolling into the road, isn’t it a good idea that someone move it back to the sidewalk? The people who own the trash are probably already on their way to work, just like the rest of us.

I was in a particularly good mood this morning because I got a full night of deep sleep, I survived a tough workout this morning, and I found my mini bagels in the freezer that I’ve been craving all week. When my neighbors recycling tipped over and spilled into the street, I just stopped and picked it all up. Yeah, I needed to get to work, but if I didn’t pick up, someone else would have to do it later.

Well this lady behind me didn’t feel the same way. She was so irritated that she had to sit in her nice, warm, toasty car and watch me pick up trash for roughly half a second, that she reversed her car up the hill and took a different route to Beale Street.

Okaaaay… Someone was in a rush.

Next, I’m driving down a side street and a barrel rolled out into the road forcing me to stop short. The side road I was on (which I can’t remember the name of because I’m terrible with street names) was crowded and narrow, so I couldn’t really go around the barrel easily. I threw on my flashers and I got out to move it out of the way. Before I could get back in my car, four cars came down the street and drove around me, barely scraping by, forcing me to stand in the cold, windy weather because I couldn’t get to my car door while they passed me.

Okaaaay… They were in a rush too apparently.

Lastly, further down that same road someone’s recycling bin slid out into the street forcing me to stop short once again. Now, at this time some guy in a truck – a huge, shiny truck that was obviously an over-compensation for something he was insecure about – was riding my bumper so close that he was forced to stop short when I did.

At this point I was ticked off with the guy behind me already, so I didn’t throw on my flashers, I just put my car in park and got out to move the recycling bin. In a fit of rage, I’m assuming, Truck Guy reversed and pulled around my car just as I was picking up the recycling bin. I hope he felt bad after he saw me moving the bin out of the street, but probably not. I did make myself feel better by yelling some obscene words at him though.

Here’s my dilemma: I didn’t need a thank you from anyone, but some freaking patience from the other drivers on the road would have been nice. Me moving the barrels benefitted them too.

How is it that the people in our society constantly preaches about being nice to others and helping those who need it and doing good deeds, but act so hypocritically day-to-day? Maybe I just happen to run into the select few people in Quincy who have no souls this morning, or maybe people are really just all talk and no action.

Picking up some barrels isn’t that big of a deal. It took maybe three minutes tops to stop and move the bins out of the road. Three minutes out of my daily drive to work. Not the end of the world.

So… why didn’t anyone else do it?

From now on, I’m challenging myself (and you, my lovely reader!) to do something nice for someone else with no expectation of a reward or a thank you. Do something polite for someone else, not because you have to, but because you want to. If every person did one little nice deed once a week, the world would – … actually, it probably wouldn’t change a damn thing.

I would love to say it would change the world, but the world is full of every type of person, including bad, rotten to core, soulless people. There is a balance to keep in the world, bad people do bad things and good people do good things. But that doesn’t mean you stop being good just because you know there is bad out there.

So, lets take out the trash! (Pun intended.) One small act can brighten someone’s day. Even if its only for a few seconds: holding the door open for someone, paying for the person’s coffee behind you, or even just picking up some God-damn barrels on your drive to work. Do something to contribute and share some good “mojo.”


If you’d like to share your good deed stories, send me an email or comment below. I’d love to hear how you help others!


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