[Freshman Year of College] Status: Complete

A picture of my friends and I at the end of the year. I edited the back ground picture to make it more summer-y. Can’t wait to see these girls again 🙂


Summer has begun! It has officially been three weeks since school ended and finals came to an end. Upon arriving home, I was greeted with an uncomfortable top bunk in my little brother’s bedroom and a full work schedule. Having finally settled in, I’ve now had time to adjust to my home life.

My days are filled with unhealthy snacking and incredibly messy hairstyles. Standing in uncomfortable shoes all day at work and rubbing pennies together because my checks haven’t come in yet, I don’t exactly have much time for social gatherings.

Looking back, my first year at college was a blast. Sure, there were some down parts along the way, but they were worth it. Those highlighted first few months, the tough weeks in the middle, and the rough last semester I studied my ass of for. The friends I made and the grades I worked for are all wrapped up in one big awesome memory that I can call on when the summer days get lonely without my college companions.

As I lay in bed last night, I thought of all those amazing moments that brought smiles to my face. Sleepless nights spent running around the dorm halls laughing my head off with friends I’d just met. That first party I attended where I lost my phone and had my first college freak out. The moment I realized Aramark cafeteria food was a poison that I was forced to shove down my throat, but that I eventually had to admit I didn’t mind so much. Finally realizing that there is such a thing as over studying. Hiking to the Top of The World and taking an obnoxious amount of pictures. These milestones I passed were only the beginning of my college career.

I’ve got two and a half months left of summer. That means two and a half months left of working my ass off and attempting to tan. Come August 20th I’ll be making my way back to MCLA to start my RA training and the sophomore year I’m dying to experience. I can’t wait to see my friends and start the 2012/2013 year off correctly (that is, if we live past the 12/21/12 fiasco– which I believe we will… hopefully).


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